Landing Page is a standalone web page that has been purposefully designed to guide a visitor down a singular path toward taking a specific, well-defined action. Landing Pages with the best conversion rates convey their unique value proposition (UVP), eliminate distractions, and provides a frictionless experience that makes it easy to convert. A Landing Page should ideally include a compelling header, interesting copy, minimal navigation, and an optimized call to action (CTA).

Landing Page Design

PAID Options – Paid options for directing traffic to your Landing Page using keywords and keyword phrases include:

1.     Display ads

2.    Pay-per-click (PPC) programs from Google AdWords and the Yahoo Bing network… if you want your PPC visitors to convert, you need to have both a relevant keyword-specific ad and an optimized Landing Page that provides a personalized experience.

Users who arrive at your Landing Page after clicking a PPC ad are 50% more likely to click on your CTA button vs. a cluttered homepage.

3.    Paid social media ads on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

4.    Site-based retargeting campaigns to serve ads on a variety of other sites around the web to visitors that viewed the Landing Page but did not convert. The ad is an attempt to re-engage the visitor that has demonstrated interest and get them back to the Landing Page to re-consider the Offer.

UNPAID Options – Unpaid options for directing traffic to your Landing Page include:

5.   Organic searches using key words and phrases from the title tag and meta description

6.    Email campaigns using your internal opt-in lists

7.    Sharing the content/URL of your Landing Page via social media channels through posts… when sharing the Landing Page on social networking websites like Facebook, a headline, description, and image should be shown.

8.    Twitter chats

9.    LinkedIn discussions

10.    Forum discussions

11.    Sharing your content and expertise via a regular email newsletter that includes a call to action that takes the reader to your Landing Page

12.    Contributing to third-party blogs that highlight your expertise and include a link back to your Landing Page

13.    Making use of your email signature to highlight a specific Landing Page relevant to the email topic

Cogent ROI creates Interactive Landing Pages that are optimized for conversion and lead generation. These Interactive Landing Pages are designed to engage the visitor by first presenting a clear picture of the calculated financial benefits they would realize using the featured product or service. Then, to build on this initial engagement and momentum, the visitor is given an incentive to volunteer their contact info with an offer to receive additional high-value content. The contact info on those visitors that accept this offer and convert is sent into our client’s CRM for immediate sales and marketing follow-up.