Landing Page is a standalone web page that has been purposefully designed to guide a visitor down a singular path toward taking a specific, well-defined action. Landing Pages with the best conversion rates convey their unique value proposition (UVP), eliminate distractions, and provides a frictionless experience that makes it easy to convert. A Landing Page should ideally include a compelling header, interesting copy, minimal navigation, and an optimized call to action (CTA).

Landing Page Design

Hero Shot Tips:

The Hero Shot is an image (usually a photo) that helps the visitor envision what it might look like to take advantage of the benefits of the Offer being presented.

The following are 12 Hero Shot tips that will drive Landing Page conversions:

1.     The Hero Shot is basically a picture that tells your unique value proposition (UVP) story. It should clarify the purpose of the Landing Page, give the visitor reason to read the content and enhance the flow that leads to the CTA.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. The brain is 60,000 times faster at identifying and processing visuals than text. The Hero Shot makes the first visceral impression long before a visitor starts reading the Headline.

2.    The Hero Shot should be relevant to the featured product/service and cause the visitor to associate targeted keywords or phases that led them to the Landing Page.

3.    Because the Hero Shot is the visitor’s first impression, placement should be to the center or left side of the page, above your Headline. Visitors tend to track through a Landing Page in a rough F-shaped pattern, starting left to right with two horizontal eye movements.

Eye-tracking research has shown that visitors pay attention to images that display relevant content. They’ll spend more time visually examining these images than actually reading the text.

4.    The Hero Shot should communicate context of use based on the visitor’s persona, helping them visualize what it would be like to experience the featured product/service. This will increase the likelihood of the visitor staying longer, remembering the concepts and accepting the benefits presented in the text copy as being true.

65% of the population consists of visual learners that like to use colorful pictures and images to help with their learning.

5.     A Hero Shot that focuses on human faces (especially when they are relatable and smiling) will evoke an emotional connection with the visitor, making for a more positive first impression that helps establish trust, credibility and value, which will lead to higher conversion rates.

6.    Oversized images that include people rather than dormant objects immediately draw more attention, get visitors to spend more time on the Landing Page, build instant emotion around the messaging, reducing bounce rates, and improving the odds of them taking action.

7.    Strategically placing a picture of person looking or pointing at something will cause the visitor to look in the same direction — we are curious by nature and if other people look at something, we want to know what it is they are looking at. As a result, when the line-of-sight directional cues guide the visitor’s eyes toward the marketing message (like the Headline or Offer), the text gets read.

8.    The dominant color in the Hero Shot image should contrast the color used for the call to action (CTA).

9.    Sometimes it’s more effective for the Hero Shot to present an image of something the visitor wants to avoid. Visitors are more likely to act based upon loss (i.e. avoiding or reducing pain) than benefit (i.e. increasing pleasure) because gains are fleeting while losses linger.

10.    The background of the Hero Shot should be used to support the focal point of the image to set the desired state of mind and inspire the visitor. Inspiration drives better first impressions and will get the visitor to stay longer on the Landing Page.

When information is paired with a related image, people are able to remember as much as 65% of what they have both read and seen after a three-day period of time.

11.    Your company’s logo should not appear in the same space as your hero shot unless it has immediate brand recognition and is widely associated with the industry’s standard of excellence. Otherwise, it’s a stop moment distraction for the visitor as they contemplate your company’s brand image.

12.    The Hero Shot image needs to be optimized so it doesn’t bog down the load time of the Landing Page. To reduce image size, JPEG should be your format of choice unless you need transparency, in that case opt for PNG.

Cogent ROI designs Interactive Landing Pages that provide a personalized experience for the visitor by visually presenting them with the financial value their specific business will actually realize when using the featured product/service:

1- This approach creates better engagement that results in more visitors becoming interested in starting a conversation because what’s presented is singularly focused on addressing a primary business concern they’re confronting.

2- This type of engagement drives higher conversion rates that generates more qualified leads ready for immediate sales and marketing follow-up.

Our clients are seeing that the Landing Pages we design are generating 4 times more sales leads than their websites… finding that their websites are better for exploration and discovery, and in building awareness, not for lead generation.