Proactively Presenting ROI

Converts More B2B Leads
Into Serious Prospects



“Over 95% of B2B buyers want proof they’ll realize a return on their investment (ROI) in order to move forward on any purchase consideration.”

Interactive Applications That
Get Your B2B Sales Leads
Raising Their Eyebrows
And Saying “WOW!”

Right now, your sales leads are being bombarded
with volumes of inbound marketing offers.

According to cognitive research studies,
the best way to grab a sales lead’s immediate attention
early in the sale process is to proactively…
call-out a problem they’re facing now;
show them how much the problem is costing their business; and,
offer them a solution that will save money or increase revenues.

We custom design and build Interactive Applications that can
instantly present your B2B sales leads with the
financial impact results their business will
specifically realize using your solution.

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When sales leads are proactively shown their
ROI returns early in the sales process, they are more
motivated to start a conversation and schedule a meeting;
and you’ll convert more qualified opportunities into your sales funnel.

In a recent study by the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, B2B sales leads are more likely to accept a meeting early in the sale process if they’re shown:

data relevant to their business
content customized to their specific business situation
a clear focus on the value you can deliver them

Using Interactive Applications
To Quantify The
Financial Impact

Each Interactive Application is custom built to either be a standalone Landing Page to capture the attention of sales leads or incorporated into a page on your web site as content to engage visitors.

  • The Application asks the sales lead a few questions about their business relative to your solution.
  • The custom configured calculator tool in the back end of the Application takes their responses and instantly determines the financial impact your solution will have on their business.
  • The Application instantly shows the sales lead a visual presentation of the cost savings, additional revenue, payback, and ROI their business will realize using your solution.

Landing Page Version


Web Site Version


Quantifying the financial impact creates a “WOW!” moment for the sales lead, sparking their immediate interest in starting a conversation and scheduling a meeting, giving you the opportunity to convert more serious prospects into your sales funnel.

Get it fast

In just 15 days, your Interactive Application is designed, built and ready-to-go as a Landing Page or incorporated into a page on your web site.

Whether we’re building the calculator tool from your existing spreadsheet model, or starting from scratch using your sales team’s PowerPoint slides and your customer case studies as reference — we can have your Interactive Calculator Application completed in 15 days from start to finish.

What Our Customers Say

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“Our TCO Calculator needed to be a user-friendly, intuitive tool we could showcase as part of our new website launch. Cogent ROI hit all the business targets with a smooth implementation into our site and CRM system.”


Suzanne Dickson
Senior Global Product
Marketing Manager

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“With MPLS replacement, it’s all about cost savings and increased capacity. The benefits calculator gets us on the prospect’s radar and helps start the conversation. Our value proposition is more succinctly defined, which gives us a competitive edge in a market that seems to be inundated with all kinds of claims.”


Kevin Gavin
Chief Marketing Officer

McKesson logo

“When physician practices can see the cost savings and added revenue potential right away, it gets their attention. The application is not only an important lead generation component on our site, but using it at tradeshows helps us segment out booth visitors to flag for priority follow-up.”


Christopher Morrison
Marketing Director

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Get A Closer Look

Take less than 5 minutes to see how it all works.

Active Examples
Interactive Applications We’ve Built
















Product Selector


Assessment Tool

“Cogent ROI had the experience and design expertise that enabled the on-screen questions in our Calculator Application to automatically change relative to the difference prospect audiences we target (enterprise vs. service providers), and for the backend financial model to accommodate multiple scenarios to calculate the results.”

Dan Teichman, Senior Manager of Product Marketing, Sonus Networks

Pricing Starts At Just $3900*

We’ll create an Interactive Calculator Applications that presents your sales leads with the financial returns their specific business will realize using your solution.

  • The interactive calculator is built either as a standalone Landing Page or as an Application that’s used from a page on your web site; being fully designed to be PC (using IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox) and mobile (using Android and iOS) responsive.
  • The calculator tool in the back end is custom configured to determine the cost savings, added revenue, payback, and ROI results that’s presented onscreen to the sales lead based on their responses to questions about their business.
  • The contact and profile information collected on each active sales lead is sent from the Application to your CRM system, so your sales and marketing team can follow-up immediately.

*average project fee when bundling the production of 4 or more Interactive Calculator Applications

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Why Work With Us?

Our unique approach, design methodology, calculator logic, coding expertise, CTA builds, Interactive Landing Page designs, output presentation, CRM integration, analytics reporting, maintenance, and support.

Our mission is to drive serious prospects into your sales funnel that want to start a conversation or schedule a meeting with you because they see value in the financial return your solution can provide their business.

All of our development work is done here, at our offices in Boston. This guarantees immediate support and direct access to our design and technical development team.
Who you’ll be working with:

Evan Moltz

Evan Moltz

Quinn Philips
Chief Architect, Calculator Design and Development

The Cogent ROI Team is a collaborative group of experienced business process, financial and technology assessment analysts, not to mention one savvy group of HTML5 programmers.

custom roi calculator team


We’ll show you how we would approach creating an
Interactive Calculator Application that aligns with your audience,
their stage in the sales process, and your objectives.